Let’s do this thing…

2 Jul

A while ago, I got sucked into the blogging vortex. I’ve always enjoyed writing & doodling, though I don’t proclaim to be particularly good at either. Writing warms my soul. It makes me happy, like that first whiff of freshly brewed coffee in the morning or gooey honey on warm crusty French bread.

The minute I hit the ‘create my blog’ button, I became a bona fide blogger in my mind. I was all gung-ho about it, and felt that blogging stardom was nigh. Alas, I quickly lost footing in the blogging frenzy that ensued. I jumped off the deep end feet first, and forgot my blogging floaties. See, my blog didn’t really have any clear direction or focus. It was admittedly a royal chaos of nonsensical garble that was destined to be ignored, because – let’s face it – my Belgae-Germanic roots prevent me from loving ‘chaos’. It totally zapped my blogging mojo.

It baffles me why I never thought of writing about food before. Food is what I should be writing about, really. I get so excited about all things ‘food’, that the mere sight of juicy black figs launch me into a 15-min eulogy as to why we need to try them with the lemon-lavender goat cheese from that charming old bitty at the farmer’s market and – oh man – certainly not forget about the organically harvested orange-blossom honey from my friend Betty’s cousin Harry’s hive… Poor Scott. He puts up with a lot of my culinary madness. Like for instance the other day, when I interrupted his laptop work and giddily shoved a pair of raw tuna steaks underneath his nose, excitedly praising them for their pink gorgeousness. “LOOOOOK AT THESE, baby!!!! Aren’t these gorgeous?!”. He often humors me with reciprocated admiration. I think he’s secretly charmed by my food craziness.

Now that my blogging chakras are properly aligned, I wanted to start fresh. A crisp new blog, centered around all things FOOD. A place where I can share my excitement about random food findings with like-minded souls, and a place to *finally* find that recipe I promised you back in 1997.

Welcome to my ‘new’ blog!


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